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                I believe that music is for everyone. While each student is an individual who learns in their own way and at their own pace, anyone with a desire to play the piano can learn to do so.

                Individualized instruction is a cornerstone of teaching private lessons. I believe each student should learn to set goals, make and implement a plan to reach them, be exposed to a wide variety of music, explore the rich history and artistry of the piano, and be challenged in expressing themselves.

                Especially for young beginners, I encourage parents to sit in during lessons. Practicing at home should also be guided by parents. For children, learning the piano would not be possible without the aid of their parents. Sharing our music with others begins at home. I believe students should perform for their families. Performing in a safe and loving environment always makes dealing with any nervousness easier to tackle. A parent’s interest in a young student’s progress is the key to their success. I believe that practicing is as personalized as the instruction in lessons, so tips and assignments are tailored to each student.

                Older beginners may not need as much guidance from their parents at home. For older children, I offer regular progress reports to show what a student has demonstrated in lessons. Parents are always welcome to call, text, or e-mail me. I believe that an open line of communication helps us all work together to help a student succeed.

                Students will be given the opportunity to compose and improvise at the piano. When learning about a variety of musical ideas and pieces, they should be able to apply their own ideas to the concepts. This makes music personal for everyone involved. I love nothing more than to see a student light up with excitement when a concept clicks for them. It’s my favorite part of teaching, and I have found that composing and improvising is a wonderful vehicle for students to attain that feeling.

                I believe that, if a person can read music, they can play almost anything. Understanding how a piece works in its sound and how it’s put together is paramount to a meaningful, emotional performance. It’s also just really fun to know.

                I believe that music is a personal experience, but it should also be shared. This is how we connect to the people around us; it is how we express ourselves. I provide performance opportunities for students to showcase what they have learned in lessons. It’s also a great way for them to show off for their families, nurturing in them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

               The world is full of a rich variety of music. There are so many aspects to each genre that can be explored. I believe that learning about these different styles and concepts is pertinent to an education in music. Doing so helps us learn more about the people we share this world with, and simply makes us better people.

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